Top 5 Best Skateboard Wheels Reviews 2022

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List of Top 5 Best Skateboard Wheels

Product Name Price
1: Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels Check Price On Amazon
2: Powell Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels Check Price On Amazon
3: Spitfire Classic Skateboard Wheels Check Price On Amazon
4: Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel Check Price On Amazon
5: Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. Spitfire Bighead 51mm White W Blue. The Spitfire Bighead are the wheels you can trust. These are hand poured and made in the USA from the finest quality materials. If you often face defect issues with your skateboard wheels, Spitfire won’t disappoint you. Not only are they made to last longer, but they also come with a guarantee against all manufacturing defects. With your purchase, you will get a set of 4 wheels with a pretty treaded surface, 51mm diameter and 99a durometer with a wide profile. This means these are the hard ones with more speed and less grip.

Wheel Size: 52mm
set of 4 wheels
78a-87a Soft wheel
Little less grip

Number 2. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re Issue. Powell Peralta are known for their quality built, stability and traction. Their products are perfect for cruising, skate parks and shenanigans. Since they are pretty soft, they are perfect to take part in tomfoolery. This one uses natural formula and features a wide profile for better stability and balance. The regular wheels of Powel Peralta come with a 90a durometer except for black which has an 85a. Also, they are smooth, which means there is less surface friction and this makes them easier to slide. The treaded surface has more surface friction, and thus they don’t slide easily.

Manufacturer: Powell-Peralta
5 x 5 x 3 inches
3.2 Ounces
Department: Boys

Number 3. Spitfire Classic Skateboard Wheels. This classic set of 4 wheels from Spitfire come in 10 different colors to choose from. It features a 51mm diameter and 101a durometer making it extra fast and hard at the same time. Even though these wheels may not be well suited for a particular scenario like a narrow or wide wheel, they are perfect for most of the situations. It has more of a classical shape and is exclusively made for the beginner riders. Since their surface is smooth, there is less friction as compared to the treaded wheels. Hence they are easier to slide. Just in case you love to do some crazy stuns with your skateboard, these products are for you. What makes them stand out from its competitors is the Formula Four Urethane. It offers a unique abrasion resistant to fewer flat spots. Not only that, but you also get more grip, lasting speed and a smooth anti-slick slide which gives you the best skateboarding experience ever.

True 99 durometer
Hand poured & shaped
100% made in USA
Guaranteed against all defects

Number 4. Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel. Ricta offers super bouncy and fast wheels which roll smoothly over the roughest terrains. The modern shapes make them light in weight and not much bulky. If you love cruising around the town, need a maximum grip on the sharp turns and perform some crazy skateboard stunts, these items are perfect for you. Its standard shape makes it perfect for all terrains and also makes them suitable for the beginner riders. They also feature a shiny coating on the surface, also known as skin or mould release, which helps to add more grip and traction while you ride.

7.05 Ounces
Manufacturer : Ricta
78A soft urethane
78D core

Number 5. Everland Skateboard Wheels. These are a unique kind of wheels that appear attractive in the very first sight. The sleek design comes in multiple colors and has a 51mm diameter. They are strong enough to handle flips and cornering. If you are a frequent street skater, then you must have the Everland’s products. This set of 4-wheels are made of high-quality polyurethane material which ensures a good grip, excellent shock absorption and increases the lifespan of the wheels. Overall, these items are promising and would give you a good riding experience.

Set of 4 cruiser wheels
65mm diameter
Manufacturer : Everland
51mm wide


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