Top 5 Best Peephole Door Camera of 2022

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List of Top 5 Best Peephole Door Camera

Product Name Price
1: Ring Peephole Cam Check Price On Amazon
2: Kamep Wireless Camera Check Price On Amazon
3: Zerone Peephole Viewer Check Price On Amazon
4: Brinno Peephole Camera Check Price On Amazon
5: Shrxy 800TVL CCD Hidden Spy Camera Check Price On Amazon

Product Number 1. Ring Peephole Cam. Ring is one of the premier companies in the at-home camera world, and their Peephole Cam shows why. This sleek model has incredible image quality on top of an ample field of view. The full wireless functionality also means you’re able to use the camera with different devices. Another large bonus of this model is that it’s easy to both setup and use. Anyone, regardless of their tech knowledge, will be able to use this camera without any issues. It’s even Alex or Echo compatible as well. The Advanced Motion Detection is another high point here. However, it’s a little too sensitive at times and can cause you to get false alerts. This camera is also a bit more expensive than similar models, but it definitely commands that higher price tag for a good reason.


Key Features: HD 1080p video
Easy to install and use
Resolution: 1080p
Field of View: 155 degrees horizontal

Product Number 2. Kamep Wireless Camera. While not technically a peephole camera, this model still manages to make my list because it gives you a crystal clear view of what lies beyond your front door. The doorbell camera offers excellent security through its 166-degree lens and impressive 1080p image quality. Everything is easy to install , and the battery charges up in no time. On top of that, it comes with a sensitive motion detection system that will alert you if anyone or anything comes to your front door. With full app integration, you can check it from anywhere. If there’s one con to this device it’s the wireless connectivity can be spotty with certain routers. However, that’s one minor complaint in what is a truly reliable device. If you want to branch away from traditional peephole models, this is the best way to go.


Best for: Doorbell
Key Features: Bright, crisp audio.
Resolution: 1080p
Field of View: 166 degrees

Product Number 3. Zerone Peephole Viewer. If you’re looking for a more unique option, this viewer from Zerone fits the bill. Unlike other cameras, this one completely replaces your peephole. That may seem daunting if you’re not into putting together equipment, but setup is easy and only takes a few minutes. Additionally, this model comes with a 3.5 inches LCD, TFT color display as well as a simple one button activation. The resolution, while a bit prone to blur, is more than sufficient if you want to monitor who comes to your door. The 120 degree viewing angle helps in that regard too. This is a good outdoor model. Where some peephole cameras break down quickly or don’t do well in tougher climates, this has a zinc alloy construction that will stand the test of time. It has a hidden design that helps it keep a sleek profile for extra security.


HD display with TFT color technology
Resolution: 720p
Field of View: 120 degrees
Screen Size: 3.5 inches

Product Number 4. Brinno Peephole Camera. Users looking for a true DIY option that won’t cause them a lot of hassle will enjoy this model from Brinno. The camera has a low profile look that’s incredibly easy to both install and use. You just attach it to your peephole. There are no tools and everything gets set up in seconds. The device comes with a special concealed design, as well as a nearly 3-inch screen, and a 90 degree field of view. That may not be the largest one out there, but it’s more than enough for anyone who wants constant monitoring. Especially considering the six-month battery life.


Best for: Usability
Resolution: 480p
Field of View: 90 degrees
Screen Size: 2.7 inches

Product Number 5. Shrxy 800TVL CCD Hidden Spy Camera. The Shryx 800TVL is a modern peephole camera made for people who value a stripped down design. There’s not too much to this device, but it still packs some strong specs. That includes 960p resolution, Wi-Fi integration, and MP4 video capture format. On top of that, you get an incredibly impressive 175-degree viewing angle that can record or capture anything happening outside your door. The color CCD sensor is impressive too. This also comes in at a lower price point, which is something all users can appreciate. Of course, as this device doesn’t have a lot to it, you are only getting a few features. The lack of premium traits may be an issue for certain users

Best for: Simplicity
Resolution: 960p
Field of View: 175 degrees
Wi-Fi connectivity and 960p resolution


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