Top 5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes of 2022

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List of Top 5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Product Name Price
1:Adidas Men’s Pro Next Check Price On Amazon
2:Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe Check Price On Amazon
3: Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe Check Price On Amazon
4: Nike Men’s Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes Check Price On Amazon
5: Adidas Men’s Dame 5 Check Price On Amazon

Product Number 1. Adidas Men’s Pro Next. I don’t know why but I’ve literally fallen in love with the sleek look of Adidas Men’s Pro Next. These good outdoor basketball shoes feature a design that’s aesthetic, lightweight, and durable. On top of that, they provide exceptional traction on outdoor surfaces. The 100% Leather and Textile Construction Ensure Durability! Yeah, that’s why you can rely on these sneakers to perform way better than typical Bball shoes. Leather and textile make them resistant to harsh weather conditions. Which are pretty much common outdoors. Finally, the shoes are available at an inexpensive rate. To put that into perspective, enjoy playing outdoors with your friends while wearing these cool outdoor sneakers and that too without spending a lot of money. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

Manufacturer: adidas
100% Other fibers
Synthetic sole
Department: Mens


Product Number 2. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe. There are few brands of shoes who have mastered the functionality and fashion at its best as the way under Armour has. This is exactly true for these outdoor basketball shoes by Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4. These improved versions of Lockdown come with 3 key characteristics which make these basketball sneakers one of the best when it comes to playing on the field and on the court. This pair of the lockdown outdoor basketball shoes are ultimately breathable so that you can feel light and free. The best material these basketball shoes are made from is stretchable, meaning you don’t have to worry for instant moves, that require your ankle to move causing stretch in the shoes. Thanks to the material it is made from, there is enough room to accommodate such movements with quite an ease.

Outsole: Rubber (Multi-Level)
Midsole: EVA midsole
Weight: 374 Grams
100% Synthetic

Product Number 3. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe. When it comes to outdoor basketball games, the Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe certainly does not disappoint. What makes it great for playing on concrete is that the thicker outsoles get improved durability, so you can pretty much play for a long time and still have consistent traction. The cushioning itself is designed to be very responsive, thanks to a stiffer midsole, but is also designed to protect from hard landings. And trust us, when you are playing on concrete or asphalt, there will be plenty of hard landings. Traction itself seems to be designed to help you move quickly into any direction, couple that with a low profile and you have a shoe that is perfect for the guard position. A problem we did find is that the traction didn’t grip as well on indoor courts, particularly the cleaner ones.

Department: Mens
Manufacturer: Nike
Play for extended periods without slipping
Stiff midsole allows responsive performance

Product Number 4. Nike Men’s Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes. We’ve heard rave reviews from our peers about this particular shoe, so the team decided to buy it for ourselves. After seeing the reasonably low price tag, we decided to pursue the transaction. Once it arrived at our doorstep, we couldn’t wait to try it out during one of our outdoor basketball sessions. Here’s what we experienced with this shoe. We also liked the Lunarlon system for the cushioning. It adds extra comfort to the shoe. Next, we admire the use of the Flyknit upper. If you know your Nike athletic shoes, then you should already know that this material promotes excellent breathability and durability for the brand’s footwear. On the downside, we found that the Nike Mamba Rage runs a bit narrow. Some of our team members with wide feet complained that the shoe is a bit too tight for them.

Department: Mens
Manufacturer: NIKE
Breathabile and durabile
Reasonably low price point

Product Number 5. adidas Men’s Dame 5. When it comes to Adidas Men’s Dame 5, the motto which says, “Be Yourself” truly depicts their style as they have made it true in their style. This outdoor basketball shoes from Adidas have been designed and tailored in such a way that they adapt the specific movements and shape of your feet, in order to provide you with the best comfortable feel during the gameplay. An extra layer of cushion is embedded on the sole from the inside, which helps to bounce and keeps the sneakers supportive and flexible. In between the collar and the bootee, this outdoor pair of basketball shoes is the ultimate lightweight and considered to be having the best traction control option to get as compared to the other traditional ones. The best casual outdoor basketball shoes from Adidas are a true depiction of Lillard’s style as the sneakers are designed with a treat-pattern rubber sole from outside.

Outsole: Rubber (Herringbone)
Midsole: Bounce
Weight: 439 Grams
Flexible Bounce midsole cushioning


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