Top 5 Best Nylon String Guitars You Can Buy 2022

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List of Top 5 Best Nylon String Guitars

Product Name Price
1: Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar Check Price On Amazon
2: Cordoba C5 CD Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar Check Price On Amazon
3: Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Guitar Check Price On Amazon
4: Kremona 6 String Acoustic Guitar Check Price On Amazon
5: Taylor Academy Series Nylon String Guitar Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar. The Yamaha C40 has been an extremely popular beginner / student guitar for decades. It has the main characteristics of a classical guitar including the nut width, scale length, and string height. The Yamaha C40 is the perennial beginner classical guitar, it continues to be highly rated by students and their parents for its good tone and comfortable playability. They are also often bought because of recommendations from teachers who for years have had good stories to tell about the instrument. Even those who have more expensive instruments have a C40 in their collection, either as their first guitar or as a grab-and-go alternative. Longevity is another common reason why the C40 remains as one of the most universally recommended beginner guitar.

Top: Laminated Spruce
Body: Meranti back & sides
Finish: Gloss
Bridge: Rosewood

Number 2. Cordoba C5. The C5 is one of Cordoba’s top-selling nylon-string guitars, and rightly so given its impressive specs for the price and slightly modified classical body design. Its main draw is its solid cedar top, which works well with its slightly bigger body and smaller sound hole, which give it good projection and clarity. The price of this guitar is still accessible for students, and this affordability combined with good specs makes it very appealing for experienced guitarists and teachers who recommend it as a great starting guitar or couch guitar. Market sentiment is mostly positive concerning tone, some even comparing its sound to more expensive classical guitars. It also gets a lot of thumbs up for its sustain. If you’re looking for a premium looking and feeling nylon string guitar in the sub $400 price range, then this is your best bet.



Top: Solid Western Red Cedar
Body: Laminated Mahogany
Finish: Gloss Polyurethane
Bridge: Rosewood

Number 3. Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar. The Yamaha CG172SF is described as a nylon-string guitar for Flamenco style playing. As such it has a lower string action setup that’s essential for the rapid strumming and melodic runs used in Flamenco. This lowered action also adds a bit of string buzz that gives the guitar the expected “growl” needed in Flamenco style playing. For the price, this flamenco guitar comes with a solid spruce top, paired with cypress for the back and sides. The neck is crafted from nato and topped by a rosewood fingerboard. It’s no secret that Flamenco style guitars are well loved for their playability, and this is reflected in reviews. If you’re looking for a budget friendly flamenco guitar with solid spruce top, then definitely check out the Yamaha CG172SF.


Brand: Yamaha
Color: Natural
Top Material: Spruce
Body Material: Wood

Number 4. Kremona Soloist S65C. Kremona began life in 1924 founded by Dimitar Georgiev; a gunsmith-turned-luthier after his apprenticeship at Markneukirchen, Germany. The Soloist S65C is Handcrafted in Bulgaria by Kremona at a student-friendly price. With its lively and open tone, owners of the Kremona Soloist S65C are pleased with what they got considering the price. Some even compare it favorably over more expensive instruments in their collection and hail it as a great baseline nylon string guitar to develop preferences for tone and feel. Heritage, handcrafted quality, and value are tough to find as you’d have to choose one or two qualities in a guitar. The Soloist S65C is a great pick whether you’re starting or want a backup guitar for your collection.

Brand: Kremona
Top Material: Cedar
Body Material: Wood
Back Material: Sapele

Number 5. Taylor Academy 12 N. As the name implies, the Taylor Academy 12-N is a nylon string guitar meant for students. It strays away from traditional classical design, rather it goes with Taylor’s distinct build, having a grand concert body with a beveled arm rest, and a narrower neck that makes it more comfortable for those who are used to acoustic electric and steel string acoustic guitars. It has a solid spruce top paired with layered sapele for the back and sides. The neck is crafted from mahogany, and is topped by a 17-fret ebony fingerboard. The neck doesn’t follow traditional specs, with its narrower 1.875″ nut width, and 25.5″ scale length. Finally it features modern TUSQ nut and saddle.

Brand: Taylor
Top Material: Ebony
Body Material: Spruce
Back Material: Sapele Wood


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