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List of Top 5 Best Monopod for Video

Product Name Price
1: Manfrotto Video Head with Flat Base Check Price On Amazon
2: Opteka 72-Inch Photo Video Monopod Check Price On Amazon
3: Manfrotto Video Monopod Check Price On Amazon
4: Sirui Carbon Fiber Photo/Video Monopod Check Price On Amazon
5: Avella CD324 Carbon Fiber Video Monopod Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. Manfrotto Video Head with Flat Base. The Manfrotto 502 Pro Video Head with Flat Base 3/8″-16 Connection is a full-featured professional head that represents an advance over the popular 501HDV, with sturdier construction and featuring Manfrotto’s bridging technology. This head is designed for executing cinematic moves with compact camcorders and DSLR video cameras. The 502HD comes in two versions: the ‘AH’ flat-base version and the ‘A’ ball-base version, which is separately available. This head is the perfect synthesis between and innovative “Bridge Architecture” and manfrotto’s Cutting edge engineering. A pan fluid drag system gives more ergonomic operation while a wider top plate and longer sliding plate offer extra stability and balance.

Weight: 1691 g
Material: Aluminium
Safety Payload Weight: 7 kg
Counterbalanced Weight: 4 kg

Number 2. Opteka 72-Inch Photo Video Monopod. The Opteka 72-inch lightweight monopod provides the support and stabilization you need when using your camera or camcorder. The most important qualities to look for in a monopod are it’s weight, compactness, stability and versatility of use. The monopod is the ideal traveling and outdoor companion: it takes up very little space yet gives invaluable support and far better results than hand-held shooting. You can take it to family events like football, baseball, hockey, tennis, swimming games, parties, graduations, weddings, or any event where you need a stabilized camera or camcorder. You can be over 6 feet tall or 3 feet tall and still maximize your point of interest. The 1/4-inch universal thread lets you mount almost all digital and still cameras, video cameras, and scopes up to 8.8 pounds. The newly added quick release allows for quick removal when working under pressure.


Brand: Opteka
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Maximum Height: 182.88 Centimeters


Number 3. Manfrotto Video Monopod XPRO+. The XPRO Monopod Aluminium 4-section with Fluid Video Head is a professional full fluid video monopod made to satisfy videographers who leverage the height of their monopod to get above crowds and to achieve a wide range of shooting angles. These state-of-the-art Manfrotto legs have inherited the perfect combination of rigidity and locking safety of professional tripod ranges, like the 190 collection and 055 collection. This monopod is equipped with Manfrotto’s full fluid base featuring the innovative FLUIDTECH system that makes Manfrotto XPRO Monopod+ the first of its kind on the market to feature 3D fluidity. The FLUIDTECH video base enables the ultimate shooting smoothness on pan, tilt and swivel for an expanded range of perspectives. The three retractable feet make it extremely portable when folded and allow the monopod to be easily carried everywhere.

Brand: Manfrotto
Material: Aluminum
Tripod Head Type: Video Heads
Color: Black

Number 4. Sirui P-424SR Carbon Fiber Photo/Video Monopod. The Sirui P-424S Carbon Fiber Photo/Video Monopod is from the PS-Series of advanced monopods, which are perfect for videographers and long-lens photographers alike, due to high load capacity, low weight and smooth operation. With its 4 section leg, the P-424S folds to a very compact size for easy transportation. Sealed twist-locks ensure very secure locking and ability to support higher payloads, as well as comfortable handling with cold, wet or gloved hands. Hand-in-hand with compact closed size is low weight – especially with this model’s carbon fiber tubes – without any compromise on rock-solid stability. The stand-out feature of SIRUI’s PS-Series is the detachable fold-out “spider” at the foot of the monopod. As expected with SIRUI, it is beautifully engineered. It’s wider spread, coupled with a friction adjustable ball system, enables improved stability and fine movement control.

Brand: Sirui
Material: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
Tripod Head Type: Ball Heads
Maximum Height: 74.8 Inches

Number 5. Avella CD324 Carbon Fiber Video Monopod. The CD324 Carbon Fiber 4-section monopod is able to extend to 71.25″ fully and featured with a removable 3-Leg support stand, which allows for smooth pan and tilt movements due to a ball joint that can be locked with a wingnut-style locking collar. The monopod loading plate adopts a reversible 1/4″ – 3/8″ mounting screw to make it suitable for most DSLR cameras. Separate locks for pan and tilt functions, a built-in bubble level indicator. Interchangeable pan bar handle, with angular adjustment, allows both right and left-handed use. Four-section leg with flip locks, allows you to adjust the height of the monopod from 27.55″ to 71.25″. The collapsible 3-leg support base featured with vertical lock knob, allow the kit incline 15° and revolve 360° around the fulcrum. Wrist strap and hand grip for comfortable hold and insulation.

Material: Carbon Fiber
Tripod Head Type: Fluid Heads
Color: 71 Inch Carbon Fiber



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