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List of Top 5 Best Magnifying Glass

Product Name Price
1: 3X Large Magnifying Glass Check Price On Amazon
2: Dicfeos Magnifying Glass Check Price On Amazon
3: Brightech LightView Pro Magnifier Check Price On Amazon
4: iMagniphy Powerful Magnifying Glass Check Price On Amazon
5: SeeZoom Lighted Magnifying Glass Check Price On Amazon

Product Number 1. 3X Large Magnifying Glass. Equipped with a wide-view rectangular lens instead of the more common round style, the MagniPros 3X magnifying glass is a superior device that delivers exceptional performance. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to see with this magnifier thanks to the ultra-bright LEDs that pump out 600 lumens of illumination. You’ll need three AAA batteries to power them, which can make the MagniPros magnifier start to feel a bit heavy, especially if you’re using it for long periods. In case the lights are too bright, they’re also dimmable so you can always dial in the perfect amount of light. The anti-glare lens is crafted from optical grade acrylic which is more scratch-resistant than glass and also less likely to shatter if dropped.

Dimmable LED strips
Wide view rectangular lens
20-year lifespan LEDs

Product Number 2. Dicfeos Magnifying Glass. Dirt cheap but solidly built, the Dicfeos Shatterproof Magnifying Glass is our pick for the best value. Many of the other magnifiers in this price range that we tested offered poor optics with visible ghosting and distortion in the lens. The Dicfeos had none of these problems, instead, providing a clear viewing experience free from distortion. It’s rated at 3.5X magnification, but in our testing, it didn’t seem to enlarge quite as much as claimed. At just 4.8 ounces, it’s a very lightweight device that can be easily carried in your pocket. The lens is just three inches across so it’s very compact, but you also don’t get as much viewing space as the wide-view lens provided by the MagniPro in our top position.

Brand: Dicfeos
Batteries Required?: No
Weight: 0.3 Kilograms
Magnification Strength: 10 x

Product Number 3. Brightech LightView Magnifying Glass. When you need a magnifying solution that won’t keep your hands full, we suggest checking out the Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass. It’s a bit more expensive than handheld magnifying glasses, but it leaves both of your hands free to work. There are bright LEDs built-in to pump out 570 lumens of white light, illuminating your work or reading so you can see more clearly than ever before. The magnifier and LEDs are mounted on a flexible arm that allows you to position it wherever it is most beneficial. It’s strong enough to stay put, and we never had any issues with it migrating once we had set it in position. On the downside, this magnifying lamp does need to be plugged in. We would have liked to see a wireless feature allowing it to be powered by battery

Style: Traditional
Light Source Type: LED
Dimensions: 11.1″D x 10″W x 6.4″H
Shade Material: Plastic, Glass, Acrylic

Product Number 4. iMagniphy LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass. Though it just missed our top three, the iMagniphy LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass is a great product with a unique concept that we liked. Instead of being stuck with a single magnification level, this magnifier includes two interchangeable lenses. This allows for 5X and 10X magnification from the same magnifying glass. We loved this concept, but the lenses were difficult to change for some of our testers, which made them somewhat less appealing. You’re also paying a bit more for the versatility, so if you only need a single level of magnification, then it may not be worth the extra cost. To make sure you can always see what you’re looking at, two LEDs are built into the handle. They did a great job of illuminating whatever we were looking at, but sometimes they were a bit too bright and there was no way to dim them.

Brand: iMagniphy
Color: White
Batteries Required?: Yes
Weight: 0.5 Pounds
Lens Material: Glass

Product Number 5. SeeZoom Lighted Magnifying Glass. Lightweight and compact, this magnifying glass from SeeZoom is a basic device with average performance. There’s nothing wrong with it; it’s just not exceptional. Made from hard plastic, it has a bit of a cheap feeling in your hand. You get a 3X main lens and a 45X jeweler’s lens that’s too small to be of much use. Worse, the jeweler’s lens in ours was set backward, so the magnifier had to be flipped over to even use it. There are three LEDs built-in to illuminate your subject, but they’re not adjustable in any way, so you’re stuck with a single level of brightness. SeeZoom does back their product up with a lifetime warranty, something that we were impressed by. For how basic this device is, we think it’s a bit overpriced. We believe there are better options for the money, which is why this magnifier is stuck in the middle of the pack.

Very: lightweight
Manufacturer: ‎SeeZoom
Weight: ‎5.3 ounces
Dimensions: ‎8.19 x 3.54 x 1.46 inches


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