Top 5 Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

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List of Top 5 Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding

Product Name Price
1: FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels Check Price On Amazon
2: Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Cruising Wheels Check Price On Amazon
3: Orangatang Stimulus Longboard Wheels Check Price On Amazon
4: Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels Check Price On Amazon
5: Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Longboard Wheels Check Price On Amazon

Product Number 1. FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels. Has it always been your dream to lay your hand on a set of longboard wheels that makes complex trick demonstrations as effortless as it can be? Then no doubt about it, the FREEDARE product with its considerable size and eye-catching design is going to be your board’s best friend ever! Just put them on your wheels and feel it for yourself. You will be taken aback by how tough and sturdy these seemingly commonplace wheels can offer. This solidity can handle all terrains, from flat and even streets to bumpy routes, and also stretches its reach to the various structures of your skate park, infamous gatherings for complex trick lovers.


Wheel diameter: 70mm
Wheel durometer: 83A
ABEC-7 steel bearings included
Suitable for trick performance

Product Number 2. Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels. You fancy yourself a Ghost Rider on board? Then you would not want to miss out on this Shark Wheel as it is the perfect match for any cruising lover with passion for speed running in their vein! The very factor earning this particular product such a marvelous title lies in its exceptional structure. The wheels are outfitted with a wave pattern, which, unlike the conventional round shape of any wheel, keeps the contact with the road limited, resulting in less friction than usual. And as the common rule of physics goes, the less friction holding one back, the higher, more thrilling speed it can travel at!


Wheel diameter: 60mm
Wheel durometer: 78A
Wheel core: Offset core
Wheel material: Hard plastic

Product Number 3. Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Wheels. Do one thing, and do it well. That is the key to Orangatang’s success. The company makes some of the most popular, most functional wheels in longboarding. Its wheels enjoy a reputation for providing the utmost in longevity and smoothness, and most Orangatang models exist to fulfill the requirements of one longboarding discipline or another. The Stimulus, though, is Orangatang’s do-everything wheel. It is 70mm tall, and it has a 42mm contact patch that results from severely rounded edges and beveled inner lips. The Happy Thane urethane formula is meant for speed, but the Stimulus will slide with the best longboarding slide wheels.

Diameter: 70mm
Width: 49mm
Contact Patch: 42mm
Durometers: 77a, 80a, 83a, 86a

Product Number 4. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels. When it comes to Sector 9’s Butterballs, the name says it all. Butterballs are one of the most popular sliding wheels in longboarding. The reasons for their success lie in their ability to grip when necessary but drift when called upon. They eliminate the need to switch wheels for different roads or terrains. Butterballs are 70mm tall with a 38mm contact patch, and they have an 80A durometer. They’re not too tall, not too wide and not too hard or soft — the Goldilocks of slide wheels. Centerset hubs allow users to flip them for even wear, which is also aided by large-for-freeride cores. Round lips and a mellow bevel simplify kickout, but the wider contact patch means you still have to push them into a slide.

38mm contact patch
80A durometer
Best for Sliding
Manufacturer: Sector 9 Incorporated

Product Number 5. Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels. If you search for longboard wheels for whatever purposes, you can always find some provided by Orangatang at the top places – especially this Orangatang in Heat 75mm. The wheels are the most preferred by the riders worldwide because of its flexibility for all levels and playing styles. You can choose among four available durometers: 77A blue, 80A orange, 83A purple, and 86A yellow – based on the terrains you are riding on. Many riders might not prefer wide and thick wheels, thinking that they will make it hard to slide away. Fortunately, Orangatang makes the wheels with its patented urethane formula that is still nifty and smooth on the ground. At the same time, the wide wheels and contact patch are supportive and well-balanced enough to move through any surface at high speeds.


Wheel diameter: 75mm
Wheel durometer: 77A to 86A
Contact patch: 56mm
Lip profile: Soft square lip


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