Top 5 Best Longboard Bearings Reviews of 2022

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List of Top 5 Best Longboard Bearings

Product Name Price
1: Bones Bearings Reds Bearings Check Price On Amazon
2: Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings Check Price On Amazon
3: Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings Check Price On Amazon
4: Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards Check Price On Amazon
5: [CCS] Premium Longboard Bearings Check Price On Amazon

Product Number 1. Bones Bearings Reds Bearings. If you are looking for the best longboard bearings; Bones Bearings are the industry-standard in skateboard and longboard bearings. There are so many different Bones Bearings models, but the Bones Reds Bearings are entry-level and affordable, making them perfect for beginners. The Bones Reds are made with steel balls rather than the more expensive counterparts made with ceramic. This helps make the reds so affordable. The Bones Reds Bearings are classic, reliable, very smooth, roll like a dream, have a long-range per kick and easy to take apart. They do come pre-lubed and are ready to use out of the box. They must be broken in, but if the bearings feel stiff or are catching.


Brand: Jasain
Material: Nylon
Weight: 0.25 Pounds
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Product Number 2. Yellow Jack Premium Longboard Bearings. Yellow Jack Premium Longboard Bearings is a high precision, high-speed bearing that is perfect for street skating & downhill riding. The ABEC 9 rated 8mm steel ball bearings come pre-lubricated with high-speed racing lube, which offers a super speedy, smooth ride. They are easy to install and come with spacers. The bearings are sealed for protection against rocks, dirt and dust and are long-lasting while maintaining precision. Yellow Jack Premium Longboard Bearings are affordable and perfectly balanced with speed and control. They are excellent bearings for heavy riders. Some downfalls include inconsistency with some bearings.

Manufacturer: Yellow Jacket
Nylon crown
Comes with washers and spacers

Product Number 3. Bronson Speed Co G3 Bearings. Bronson Speed Bearings are gaining in popularity and giving the industry favorite, Bones, a ride for their money. The G2 and G3 bearings are the standard 608 size and are great for downhill and high speeds. They are fast, smooth, and low friction. The Bronson Speed bearings have deep groove raceways, which reduce side impact damage and breakage. The strong shields go all the way to the inner race, which keeps sand and dirt out. Bronson Speed bearings do not get dirty quickly, and they will still roll forever while not rusting. They require a minimal amount of cleaning due to the shield on both sides of the bearing,.

Brand: Bronson Speed Co
Material: Ceramic
Weight: 0.2 Pounds
Compatible Lubricant: Oil

Product Number 4. Zealous Bearings Longboards. If you are looking for waterproof longboard bearings; Zealous Bearings are for you. The steel bearings have green rubber seals that keep water, dirt, and debris outside the bearing. Zealous Bearings are standard 608 bearings with extended inner races, precision 8mm axle holes and 0.5mm built-in speed rings and spacers, which make swapping them onto your board a breeze. You won’t lose your speed rings because everything is built-in. They come lubed with archoil nanoceramic grease, which reduces friction, making for a smoother ride. What makes the Zealous Bearings some of the best longboard bearings?

Brand: Zealous
Material: Alloy Steel
Weight: 0.3 Pounds
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Product Number 5. CCS] Premium Skateboard/Longboard Blue Steel Bearings. If you are looking for the best longboard bearing that won’t break the bank check out the CCS Premium Longboard Bearings. They come in at an ABEC 7 rating, and They are often comparable to Bones Reds but are cheaper. The CCS Bearings are made with 7 chrome steel ball bearings that are pre-lubed giving you a smooth and fast ride. Considering they are less expensive than most bearings, the CCS bearings are durable and can hit speeds of 30+ on a longboard. These bearings have a removable blue double shield for easy cleaning and maintenance. One of the best things about the CCS bearings is that you do not need spacers!


Brand: [CCS]
Specification Met: Ccs
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
Abec 7 Rating


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