Basketball: Top 5 Best Indoor Outdoor Basketball in 2022

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List of Top 5 Best Indoor and Outdoor Basketballs

Product Name Price
1: Spalding Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor Basketball Check Price On Amazon
2: Spalding Tack-Soft Indoor-Outdoor Basketball Check Price On Amazon
3: WILSON NCAA Replica Game Basketball Check Price On Amazon
4: Molten BG3800 Series, Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Check Price On Amazon
5: WILSON NCAA Composite Basketball Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. Spalding Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor Basketball. The Spalding NBA ball is a boss, the GOAT of all. It is bouncy and has a wonderful grip. The smaller NCAA size for women is way better than the regular men’s size. It will give you a better hold and more scores. When taking it outside, keep a towel/cloth handy to keep it clean as it may pick up the dust/dirt from the courts with other materials. The air-inflated once holds fine even after multiple games. The ball will not lose grip easily. But if you play outdoors more than indoors, go for a rubber leather hybrid which will give you a better dribble and bounce on that surface.


Brand: Spalding
Color: Brown
Material: Polyester
Diameter: 29.5 Inches


Number 2. Spalding Tack-Soft Indoor Outdoor Basketball. The Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball is great for any basketball player at any level. Its premium composite cover is designed to feel like an official game ball, yet it’s soft enough for indoor play. The ball features the official NBA logo and colors. Its faux leather texture gives you great grip and it can take a pounding on any kind of surface. It is also available in women’s NCAA size 6 and men’s size 7. This ball is made for use on rough concrete or asphalt courts. The leather does not wear down easily even on your park’s cracked concrete. This ball will give you an authentic leather ball feel. It may get a little slippery if you are playing on dusty concrete for a long time or when your hands get too sweaty.


Excellent Value
Great grip
Size 6 28.5 inches & 7 29.5 inches
Looks good feels good

Number 3. Wilson NCAA Replica Indoor-Outdoor Basketball. The Wilson NCAA basketball has a great feel. The quality composite leather used makes it sturdy and durable. It will take the abuse of dribbling on hard concrete or asphalt surface and it will only show basic wear and tear. The ball is pretty sticky at first and may pick up some dust and feel slippery. The grip is good overall when clean. It is the most durable synthetic outdoor ball to play with and offers great value for the money. A negative is that this ball tends to deflate and not hold air as well as the other balls. The ball is constructed with moisture-absorbing material to offer superior grip ability designed for indoor/outdoor play. The ball comes complete with NCAA logos and is packaged in a clear display case with a commemorative plaque.


Moisture absorbing material
Designed for indoor/outdoor play
Full-grain leather cover
Men’s, Women’s and Youth sizes

Number 4. Molten BG3800 Series, Indoor/Outdoor Basketball. Approved by FIBA, the Molten BG3800 ball has an excellent grip based on the way the channels are placed. You get a superior backspin and net whip with this ball. It goes easy on your soft hands. Generally, the composite leather slices up your fingers with excess use which is not the case with this ball gladly. The bounce is quite well and even better than some Nikes. It even feels lighter than them. The multi-color look makes it easy to spot the ball rotation while shooting which is a big plus. The spin is a tad bit more clear with this unique function. You will love the extra panels as compared to most balls. The lightweight is another amazing feature. The ball arrives flat and you will have to inflate it.


Sport Type: Basketball
Color: 2- Tone Design
Material: Synthetic
Brand: Molten


Number 5. Wilson NCAA Composite Basketball. If you prefer Wilson basketballs and are looking for a composite leather ball at a lower price point than the more popular Evolution or NCAA replica ball then this is an option that you can consider. The ball features deep rubber channels and a soft touch composite cover which is good for grip and ball handling. It does have a thinner cushion layer, making it a lighter ball. I’m not really sure what this feature achieves since balls have to be of standard weight. It may be useful for younger children who want to start using a size 7 ball without being weighed down but then again, it’s better to use the right sized ball for their age. The thinner cushion layer and soft touch composite cover may be contributing to the ball wearing down more quickly with continued outdoor use. I think this is more of an indoor ball that can be used outdoors occasionally.

Color: Orange
Sport Type: Basketball
Material: Composite


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