Top 5 Best Home Safes to Buy

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List of Top 5 Best Home Safes

Product Name Price
1: Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe Check Price On Amazon
2: SentrySafe Steel Home Safe Check Price On Amazon
3: SentrySafe 1200 Check Price On Amazon
4: Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe Check Price On Amazon
5: Barska Mini Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Steel Home Safe. The SentrySafe SFW123GDC is a heavy-duty, tough-as-nails security safe. It’s designed to withstand up to an hour in scorching hot fire, survive falls up to 15 feet, and withstand close to a foot of water. You can order this SentrySafe fireproof model as an old school combination lock or with a digital keypad. Either way, it comes with a backup key to open the waterproof safe manually. It also comes in sizes ranging from 0.82 to 2.05 cubic feet. Its hardware is impressive too. This fire safe has four live-locking bolts, a pry-resistant hinge bar, a locking drawer, and even an interior light inside.


Brand: SentrySafe
Lock Type: Electronic
Material: Alloy Steel
Alarm: Anti-theft



Number 2. AmazonBasics Keypad Safe. If you like our top pick, but you’re on a budget, here’s a good alternative. The AmazonBasics safe is made of heavy-duty carbon-steel with an 8-gauge steel door and a pry-resistant hinge. For a box that holds under 2 cubic feet, it weighs almost 40 pounds, making this dense home safe a reliable first line of defense for your jewelry and heirlooms. This security safe made our top three for several reasons. It’s strong, simple, and holds a substantial amount. It isn’t as tough as the SentrySafe, and isn’t fire or water resistant, but it’s no cardboard box.


Brand: Amazon Basics
Lock Type: Programmable keypad w/backup key
Material: Carbon Steel
Alarm: Lock



Number 3. SentrySafe 1200. The SentrySafe 1200 provides protection and portability for your valuables. It’s the perfect size for bank deposits or important documents that need to travel with you. It uses a simple key lock and is small enough to hide in closets, underneath desks, and just about anywhere. It’s large enough to fit a small pistol, making it a good candidate for a portable gun safe. This fireproof safe is classified by Underwriters Laboratories to withstand 1550°F for up to 30 minutes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same durability against water or tampering. Take precautions as you would with any expensive product—don’t advertise or compromise the safe’s location.


Brand: SentrySafe
Lock Type: Key
Material: Alloy Steel
Alarm: Lock

Number 4. Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe. Home security is an investment, so sometimes it’s worth dropping a little more cash to keep your valuables safe. The Verifi Smart Safe costs a lot, but it comes with some serious credentials. Its biometric fingerprint scanner is FBI certified, and it has tamper alerts and an auto-lock feature. You can store up to 40 unique prints in it too. This makes Verifi a smart choice for offices, stores, or other facilities with multiple users who all need access. And, while it’s not resistant to fire or water, it’s tamper resistant and mountable, making it easy to deter intruders.


Lock Type: Biometric
Dimensions: 13.2 x 13.8 x 7.9 inches
Material: Alloy Steel
Alarm: Audible

Number 5. Barska Mini. If you keep a gun in your home, safe storage should be a priority. We picked the Barska Mini as our top choice because of its biometric locking mechanism, silent mode, solid steel construction, and Department-of-Justice-approved design. It can hold up to 0.29 cubic feet (enough for a pistol, ammo, and cleaning tools). It’s tamper resistant and mountable, so it’s easy to keep out of the reach of curious children or intruders.

Lock Type: Biometric
Material: Alloy Steel
Item Weight: 5.5 Kilograms
Chamber Width: 12 Inches


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