Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Gate Hinges of 2022 (Reviews)

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List of Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Gate Hinges

Product Name Price
1: Bobco Metals Steel 5″ Barrel Gate Hinges Check Price On Amazon
2: Lynn Cove SH125 New York Style Hinge Set Check Price On Amazon
3: National Hardware Self-Closing Gate Check Price On Amazon
4: National Hardware N130-005 290BC Check Price On Amazon
5: Nationwide Industries Multi-Size Chain Link Self-Closing Hinges Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. Steel 5″ Barrel Gate Hinges for Heavy Gates. These hinges, although small, have been designed for some of the heaviest gates around. They are able to support up to 500lbs of gate, which is a hefty amount of gate. They are particularly designed for swing gates, although they can work well with just about anything that is thrown at them. Barrel hinges are some of the trickiest hinges to install, but once they are in place, they lead little in the way of maintenance. These particular hinges are fully greased up inside the heavy duty ball bearing gate hinges and will provide years and years of usage without so much as faltering.


Material: Powdered Metal Steel
Brand: Bobco Metals
Finish Type: Powder Coated
Mounting Type: Door Mount

Number 2. Lynn Cove SH125 New York Style Hinge Set. These hinges have been specifically designed for those who want a beautiful look for wood. They are not the toughest hinges in the world. Which means that they will probably not be ideal for those people. Who need to have a lot of protection on their property. But they certainly do look good. The real highlight of these gate hinges is that they should be easy to install. It is simply a matter of screwing them into place. The only thing required will be a drill to drill your pilot hole, coupled with a good screwdriver to drive those screws home. So, you can set up heavy duty driveway gate hinges in easy way.


Material: Galvanized and powder coated steel
Brand: Lynn Cove
Dimensions: 5.25 x 3.75 x 3.75 inches
Finish Type: Powder Coated

Number 3. National Hardware N343-475 DPV879 Self-Closing Gate Kit. These hinges are as simple as hinges can get, and the price being charged for them really shows that this is the case. They come with their own latch, which means a person would only need to purchase a good quality handle and they will have all the gate hardware needed. Since these are basic hinges, they are not going to be very secure. If a person needs to secure up expensive parts of their property, then they would probably do well looking elsewhere because these hinges are not going to perform. They are more basic hinges for securing up a yard and the like. That being said, for the money they are tough and can put up with a lot of extreme weather conditions.

Easy to install
Manufactured from steel
Auto closing functionality

Number 4. National Hardware N130-005 290BC Screw Hook/Strap Hinge. Well, this is another cheap gate hinge, although since it is coming from National Hardware a person can still expect a certain level of quality with it, and it certainly delivers on that front. This hinge is able to put up with intense weather conditions. This type of hinge is probably best served on utility doors and the like, although it is unlikely that somebody would wish to place something expensive behind the heavy duty exterior door hinges unless they have a quality lock in place. However, if a person has a quality lock, they will probably not be looking for something at this price point in the first place.

Material: Zinc plated
Brand: National Hardware
Finish Type: Zinc plated
Mounting Type: Door Mount

Number 5. Nationwide Industries Self-Closing Hinges. These hinges come with all the hardware required to install the hinges on self-closing gates. If a person is looking to install these on wooden gates, can easily do it, although they are not going to be that cheap so not a major issue. These hinges have been built to last, and the overall quality of them means that it is likely a person will even be able to put these in secure areas with ease. They are going to be tough to break though. The self-closing mechanism works incredibly well. They do not shut too fast, so somebody does not need to worry about getting a gate in their face if they forget to close it quickly.

Material: Aluminum
Brand: Nationwide Industries
Finish Type: Powder Coated
Nationwide Industries Self-Closing Hinges


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