Top 5 Best Handheld Power Scrubber of 2022

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List of Top 5 Best Handheld Power Scrubber

Product Name Price
1: Holikme 4 Pack Drill Brush Power Scrubber Check Price On Amazon
2: Bell+Howell Scrubtastic Spin Scrubber Check Price On Amazon
3: Dremel PC10-01 Versa Cleaning Tool Check Price On Amazon
4: BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber Brush Check Price On Amazon
5: Super Sonic Scrubber Check Price On Amazon

Product Number 1. Holikme 4 Pack Drill Brush Power Scrubber. A useful assortment of durable drill brushes and extenders for cordless drills. Holikme power scrubber drill brush kit comes with three drill brushes of distinct contours. The drill brushes provide a complete cleaning job and are perfect for deep cleaning. The Nylon bristles can scrub away hard taints without ado and leaves a sparkling surface with no graze on it. You won’t receive any drill machine with the package. However, the brush set and the extender it comes with fit inside most of the cordless drill machines. So most likely you won’t have to buy any extra drill if you already have one. The extended pole has a skid joint that secures the brush heads with a magnet clasp.

Color: Yellow
Brand: Holikme
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 3 inches
Handle Material Stainless Steel

Product Number 2. Bell+Howell Scrubtastic Spin Scrubber. Get extra torque with Clorox and clean all build-ups within a jiff. You can wipe out the most stubborn grimes in no time with Clorox’s new formula. This improved design effortlessly removes tough stains with powerful spinning force. The cordless scrubber gives more control over work with its light feature and extendable pole. The long slender handle easily stretches out to reach the upper areas and tight confined places. It is the best power scrubber for grout that conveniently removes old filths going inside grooves. So no need for exerting added pressure. And you can save the back and wrist from aches. This versatile power scrubber has three detachable brush heads for distinct cleaning needs. The sturdy scrubber heads clean like anew even within a short running hour.

Color: White, Grey
Brand: Bell+Howell
Charges up fast
Long extendable scrubber handle

Product Number 3. Dremel PC10-01 Versa Cleaning Tool. Enjoy one-hand versatile wet and dry cleaning with Dremel Versa. Versa multifaceted cleaner works best for everyday cleaning. It dispels all kinds of filth around the house with less effort and time. You can easily maintain indoor and outdoor hygiene on a daily basis and have a gleaming decoration. Dremel Cleaning Tool includes three scrubbing pads and a bristle brush. Each tool is designed distinctly to serve targeted cleaning needs. The scrubbers exert proportionate forces for light and heavy rubbing. They are an excellent fit for both dry and wet cleaning, and the hand-fit design is most suitable for small surface cleaning. The light body gives a comfortable grip inside the palm and cleans effortlessly with no wrist sprain.

Brand: Dremel
Handle Material: Metal
Compact light body
Soft user-friendly grip


Product Number 4. BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber Brush. Uninhibited wet cleaning with fully watertight Black+Decker Electric Scrubber. This power scrubber brush can consistently work inside the water to remove smut and mucks from utensils. It gives a gentle scrubbing and perfect for mild surface cleaning. The water-proof design suits best with all wet cleaning, and the strong motor runs consistently without revolting. The power scrubber is quite easy to operate and doesn’t break under extra pressure. It comes with two hard-wearing scrub pads that work nicely on stubborn taints. And the enduring scraper fringe can exert high force to clean tough, burnt stains. Nevertheless, the electric scrubber comes with two years of free servicing from the manufacturer’s end.


Color: Multicolor
Dimensions: 6.3 x 2.8 x 9.4 inches
Handle Material Rubber

Product Number 5. Super Sonic Scrubber. Get all household cleaning options within a single Sonic package. The sonic scrubber set comes fully prepared to do the entire cleaning chores of your house. This all-purpose scrubber set includes every essential brush and pads for hard to mild cleaning. Besides, the scrubbing machine works in high force and takes the whole job of cleaning on itself. That means you do not need to put on added pressure when working on hard stains. Better let the scrubber do its job. The sonic scrubber has an amazing lasting design compared to its versatile application. You can literally use the scrubber set for all residential cleaning jobs and on hard, old stains. It conveniently glides around corners and hard-to-reach places and delivers a spotless surface in no time.

Durable design
Reduce wastage on cleaners
Works nicely around edges and hinges
Doesn’t require any extra pressure


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