The 5 Best Glow In The Dark Stars in 2022

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List of Top 5 Best Glow in The Dark Stars

Product Name Price
1: HORIECHALY Glow in the Dark Stars Check Price On Amazon
2: Aooyaoo Glow in the Dark Stars Wall Stickers Check Price On Amazon
3: Realistic 3D Domed Glow in The Dark Stars Check Price On Amazon
4: Bollepo Glow in The Dark Stars Check Price On Amazon
5: Addie and Emma’s Glow Stars Supernova Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. HORIECHALY Glow in the Dark Stars Wall Stickers. HORIECHALY brings to the table a pleasant twist to the typical starry sky by providing a full moon as well! The full moon measures 9.8 inches in diameter, which will make it the glowing center of attention. The stars and moon are all flat stickers, so it’s an easy-breezy installation and a clean presentation. There’s no need for additional tape or adhesives. The stars come in three different sizes, so you can vary your room’s design. 1.6 inches is the largest star, with 40 in the count, there are 81 medium 1.2-inch stars, and finally 100 small 0.8-inch stars. In total, there are 221 stickers, more than enough to cover the walls and ceiling. Being stickers, they can stick onto any flat surface, from the ceiling to furniture.


Material: Vinyl, Paper, Plastic
Number Count: 221 Stars & 1 Full Moon
Sticks with: Adhesive Sticker
Glow time depends on access to light

Number 2. Aooyaoo Glow in the Dark Stars Wall Stickers. Aooyaoo’s selection of starry stickers is smaller than other options, but they’re great for more than just decoration. Thanks to their smaller size, you can even place them on light switches, door frames, and the floor to navigate your way at night! There are four different sized stars in this selection: 24 large stars are 25mm, 120 medium stars are 15mm, 154 small stars are 10mm, and 154 micro-stars are 4 by 4mm. In total, there are 452 stars in this set. That’s more than enough to cover a ceiling, walls and more. Being adhesive flat stickers, you can only place these safely on flat surfaces. Texture and carved furniture won’t be ideal, and there’s a greater chance of them peeling off. You can reuse the same stickers by peeling them and placing them somewhere else.


Materials: Soft PVC
Number Count: 452 Stars
Sticks with: Adhesive stickers
Glow time depends on direct exposure to light

Number 3. Realistic 3D Domed Glow in The Dark Stars. Rather than your classic 5-point shape, these glow-in-the-dark stickers are domed-shape stickers, for a more realistic and 3D effect. There are 606 stars inside of this packet, more than enough to turn your ceiling into a starry masterpiece! To recharge these dots, keep the lights on 5 minutes before you go to bed and relax underneath their authentic glow. Their backing is still an adhesive sticker, so you can treat them like regular stickers when placing them on the walls and ceiling. There are three different sizes to select from; 36 larges, 240 mediums, and 330 small dots. DAGOU has a lifetime guarantee that these stickers will not lose their adhesives and continue to glow every night. If you’re not satisfied with them, you can return them for a full refund of the price.


Materials: Vinyl Plastic
Number Count: 606 Dots
Sticks with: Adhesive stickers
Glows all night after 5 min recharge

Number 4. Bollepo Glow in The Dark Stars. Bollepo offers much more than simple stars. They’re all 3D-stylised, come in different sizes and also come in two shapes. They have the classic star shape as well as dots, both in two variable sizes. In total, there are 332 different stickers to decorate your walls and ceiling with. A constellation guide is inclusive in the purchase, so you can create genuine star alignments all around your room. The glowing color is soft so it won’t disrupt your children as they’re snoozing away. These are also made from non-toxic vinyl and won’t harm your children. Simple exposure to light will be plenty to charge them, so they’ll continue to shine throughout the night.


Material: Vinyl
Number Count: 332 Stars and Dots
Sticks with: Adhesive stickers
Glows all night after recharge for 5 minutes

Number 5. Addie and Emma’s Glow Stars Supernova. Addie and Emma’s Glow Stars provide users with a set of 200 different sized stars to place all around the bedroom. There are three sizes to choose from: 100 small stars which measure 1 inch, 75 medium stars which are 1.5 inches, and 25 large stars which are 2.5 inches. Their stars have a photo-luminous formula that’s 2 times stronger than other glow-in-the-dark stars, so they last longer and will shine brighter. You can have up to 15 hours of consistent brightness in one go! To charge them, all you have to do is leave the lights on. They also come with a constellation guide, so you can construct actual constellations around your child’s room. These stars require putty, which is provided with the purchase, to install them on your walls and ceiling.

Materials: Molded plastic
Number count: 200 stars
Sticks with: Putty
15 hours glow time


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