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List of Top 5 Best Downhill Ski Boots

Product Name Price
1: Salomon X Access 70 Wide Ski Boots Check Price On Amazon
2: Nordica Cruise 70 Check Price On Amazon
3: Salomon X Access 60 Wide Ski Boots Check Price On Amazon
4: Roces Idea Up Ski Boots Check Price On Amazon
5: Rossignol Alltrack 90 Mens Ski Boots Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. Tecnica Mach1 MV 120. A lot of brands tout fit customization as a key feature of their boots, but few go as far as Tecnica with their well-loved Mach1 collection. Built to match the anatomical shape of your foot, you get a highly customizable liner and a tough but reasonably light polyether shell that can be punched, grinded, and all-around manipulated by a bootfitter. In addition, thanks to a greater market emphasis on medium- and high-volume boots, the latest Mach1 120 is offered in a class-leading range of lasts, including low (98mm), medium (100mm), and high-volume (103mm) widths. The alpine performance of the Mach1 is no slouch either, with a natural stance and predictable power transfer both on- and off-trail.

Last: 98, 100, or 103mm
Flex: 120 (advanced/expert skiers)
Other flexes: 90W, 105W, 110, 130
All-around performance.


Number 2. Salomon S/Pro 100. Salomon replaced the extremely popular X Pro line a couple seasons ago with the S/Pro. It’s always a risky move to revamp such a big-time seller, but we think they pulled it off nicely. The latest S/Pro is more comfortable with a seamless liner (it’s smooth even around the toes), gets an uptick in performance with better power transfer from the thinner Coreframe shell, and is noticeably lighter-weight, which translates to better control for an intermediate rider. it’s hard to complain considering the S/Pro’s upgrades.

Last: 100mm (medium width)
Flex: 100 (intermediate/advanced skiers)
Other flexes: 80, 90W, 100W, 120, 130
Lots of thoughtful upgrades from the old X Pro

Number 3. Lange RX 130 GW. For expert skiers looking for the ultimate in performance and comfort, we like the stellar RX 130 from Lange. Inspired by their race-bred RS model—evident in the powerful stance, burly four buckles, and substantial power strap—the Lange is a stiff, aggressive boot that responds precisely to skier input. Plus, its fit and customizable shell are well-respected among bootfitters, and the comfort and warmth of the included liner is top-notch. All told, it’s a high-quality build that will make demanding skiers quite happy, from former racers to serious up-and-comers and just about everyone in between.


Last: 97 or 100mm
Flex: 130 (advanced/expert skiers)
Other flexes: 70W, 80W, 90W, 100, 110W, 120
Successful all-mountain adaptation


Number 4. Dalbello Panterra 120 I.D. A great boot for skiers that cover all of the mountain, the Panterra features a useful walk mode and slick three-piece shell. The lower portion is super stiff for reliable power transfer, while a slightly more forgiving upper flexes smoothly to absorb impacts in the bumps or off-trail. In addition, the high-quality I.D. liners are a real treat: comfortable, light, and resistant to packing out, they land in that ideal space of warmth and support. It adds up to a boot that’s well-suited for everything from attacking corduroy to hiking into the sidecountry.


Last: 100-102mm
Flex: 120 (advanced skiers)
Other flexes: 95W, 105W, 130
Smooth downhill performance.


Number 5. Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130. A quick glance at the Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD reveals that this is no ordinary downhill boot. The slim shape, large walk/ride lever, and tech binding-compatible inserts at the toe are built for backcountry adventure. But what earns the Atomic a spot on this list is its versatile nature—if you split your time between touring and the resort, this is one of the best options yet. The Hawx is very lightweight and flexes freely while hiking but is planted and impressively solid for railing a groomer.


Last: 98mm
Flex: 130 (advanced/expert skiers)
Other flexes: 95W, 100, 115W, 120
A great crossover option for resort and backcountry use.


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