Top 5 Best Chrome Spray Paints (2022 Review)

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List of Top 5 Best Chrome Spray Paint

Product Name Price
1: SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat Check Price On Amazon
2: Krylon Short Cuts Chrome Spray Paint Check Price On Amazon
3: Rust-Oleum Metallic Chrome Check Price On Amazon
4: Krylon Metallic Chrome Spray Paint Check Price On Amazon
5: Ultimate Mirror Chrome Aerosol Paint Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat. This is a one product that does the work of three products. It saves you time and money and it breathes life back into tired chrome. It provides you with a waterless wash so you have no water marks and then it coats the chrome and provides you with the glimmering shine of healthy looking chrome. It is a gentle product that will not damage the finish on your vehicle. It does not streak or smear so it gives you the best look with the least amount of work. It can cut through grease, grime and dirt better than most other car wash products. It is recommended for use on cars, trucks, watercraft, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs and more.

Form: Liquid
Weight: 0.18 Kilograms

Number 2. Krylon Short Cuts Chrome Spray Paint. This chrome paint provides an elegant and smooth finish. You can create the flawless look you desire using a simple aerosol spray paint product. It dries very quickly so your projects will be completed in shorter amounts of time. Clean up is a breeze because it comes in an aerosol can and has its own dispenser so you do not need an external paint sprayer. It is a trusted brand that is manufactured in the United States. It is so gentle that it can be applied to craft foam without causing any damages to the delicate materials. It can be used on a variety of materials including wood, plastic and metal with equally great results.

Surface Recommendation: Metal, Wicker
Brand: Krylon
Unit Count: 3.0 Ounce
Included Components: Aerosol Spray Paint

Number 3. Rust-Oleum Metallic Chrome. When you want a shiny metallic finish for your projects involving wood, metal or masonry surfaces then this is the paint you want. This is interior grade paint and will not do well on items that receive constant exposure to rain, high humidity, extreme heat levels, freezing temperatures or intense and prolonged sun exposure. It dries to a tough and attractive finish that is not prone to fading or becoming dull over time. It will dry to the touch so you can handle or move the painted item in as little as sixty minutes. You have to wait until it has dried completely before you add another coat of paint. Each subsequent coat will increase the depth of color.

Paint Type: Enamel,Decorative,Acrylic
Surface Recommendation: Wood,Metal
Brand: Rust-Oleum
Unit Count: 11.0 Ounce


Number 4. Krylon Metallic Chrome Spray Paint. This is a metallic paint that is manufactured in the United States. By using this chrome paint you can increase the beauty of your vehicle as well as increase the value of the vehicle. When the chrome looks good buyers are willing to pay more money. Once it is applied your chrome will have a lustrous finish that is a close resemblance to actual chrome plating. It dries smooth and has a high gloss appearance. This product is acid free. The paint dries very quickly, so you can apply a second coat in a shot amount of time. Each coat increases the depth of color and the shine the finished product creates. You can get coverage for about 25 square feet from each can.

Paint Type: Spray
Color: Gold
Unit Count: 8.0 Ounce
Included Components: Spray Paint

Number 5. Ultimate Mirror Chrome Aerosol Paint. This paint truly provides you with the ultimate mirror chrome that you desire on rims, wheels, and vehicle trim. It dries to provide you with a high-quality finish that is durable and reliable. It is recommended as remote control paint. This product can be brushed on so you can get the perfect look for your finished pieces. Brushing does seem to reduce the ultimate shine of the finished product. You can achieve a higher chrome appearance if you use a backer paint or primer before you use the chrome paint. You can protect your paint and make it look better for a longer period of time if you apply a clear coat protectant layer once the chrome paint has completely dried.

Surface Recommendation: Mirror
Brand: Spaz Stix
Color: Chrome
Unit Count: 3.5 Ounce


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