Top 5 Best Camera Glasses of 2022

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List of Top 5 Best Camera Glasses

Product Name Price
1: KAMRE Camera Glasses Check Price On Amazon
2: Spectacles 2 (Nico) Camera Glasses Check Price On Amazon
3: OhO sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses Check Price On Amazon
4: GoVision SOL Camera Glasses Check Price On Amazon
5: Forestfish Video-Glasses Check Price On Amazon

Product Number 1. KAMRE Camera Glasses. The KAMRE Camera Glasses provides you with excellent video capturing abilities. The camera glasses are designed and built just for that. They come with a 78-degree wide camera lens and can record HD video at 1920 x 1080P. You can capture videos using the camera glasses for more than 2 hours, thanks to the 450mAh built-in battery. The design is sturdy and robust. It comes made from a rubber material that is lighter and better than ABS plastic. The working is a single touch button. It also is UV protection polarized to give protection from UV rays. The SD card has the capability to store 32 GB. The glasses also look and feel modern and come with a touch of elegance in them.

Brand: KAMRE
Image Capture Speed: 30 fps
Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
Connectivity Technology: USB


Product Number 2. Snap Inc Water Resistant Camera Glasses. The Snap Inc Water Resistant Camera Glasses for Snapchat is a product from the stable of Snap Inc. Their glasses are highly rated in the market, and it comes as no surprise that their product is on our list, at number 3. These glasses are ideal for novices and personal use. The video and audio quality is acceptable. Not to mention, you need just to press a button to capture videos and audio. You can connect the glasses with Bluetooth and share your pictures. As they are resistant to water, pictures can be captured inside the water. The battery life is also excellent, with the ability to take more than 60 videos. The glasses come with a 1080p high-definition recording.


Connectivity Technology: USB
Has Image Stabilization: No
Image Capture Speed: 60 fps
Screen Size: 2 Inches

Product Number 3. OhO sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses. The OhO sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses is ranked second on our list and rightly so. Those of you who love sports like rafting, trekking, and skiing might find these camera glasses useful. In a sense, if you love the water, then you will love to wear this around your eyes. The buttons are right where you want them to be, and the quality of images, videos, and audio is good enough. You will be amazed to know that it is one of a kind because it comes with IP66 level water protection. That means you can use it for professional swimming and water skiing. Videos and audio can be recorded at 1080P ultra full HD resolution. They come with the image stabilization feature.

Brand: OhO sunshine
Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
Connectivity Technology: USB
Minimum Focal Length: 15 Meters

Product Number 4. GoVision SOL 1080p HD Camera Glasses. The GoVision SOL 1080p HD Camera Glasses Video Recording Sunglasses enables you to take an active part in games and sports, without you having to use your hands. The camera glasses come with a v4.0 Bluetooth through which you can connect to your smartphone. It comes with 0.5 speakers on both sides. You can live stream music as well as receive calls on your device simultaneously. The arm grips are flexible. If you are cycling, then you can record videos, without having to drop them. Not to mention, your eyes are well taken care of by these glasses thanks to their UV ray protection resistant feature. The camera glasses come with a 63˚ angle-of-view. You can also find a lithium battery, a built-in rechargeable that can run for 2 hours.

It is flexible.
It is lightweight
Bluetooth technology
enabling hands-free usage

Product Number 5. Forestfish Camera Sunglasses. The Forestfish Camera Sunglasses with Bluetooth Headset comes ranked first in our list. Why? It comes with all the features that a camera glass should have, not to mention it is affordable. It comes with several features like answer phones, taking pictures, and listening to music if you want. Apart from that, it also comes with the main functionality of capturing videos. The device can record videos of high quality at 1080P HD. The camera can work for more than 2 hours on a single charge. The frame of the glasses, which is the most important thing, is durable and lightweight. It comes made from an exclusive Swiss Grilamid TR90 material.

View Angle: 64 degree
16GB of built-in memory
Extremely comfortable to wear
Charging Time: 2 hours by USB charger


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