Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2022 – Review & Buying Guide

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List of Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Product Name Price
1:Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XII Check Price On Amazon
2:Nike Men’s Jordan Zer0.2 Basketball Shoes Check Price On Amazon
3:Orthofeet Bunions sneaker Check Price On Amazon
4:Nike Men’s Zoom KD 11 Basketball Shoes Check Price On Amazon
5: Adidas Explosive Primeknit Athletic Shoes Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. Adidas Explosive Primeknit Athletic Shoes. Ever thought of starting a list with an Adidas? But here I am with the Explosive on my hand, and I can’t get enough of it. No doubt, Nike has been the brand to beat, and they are the top picks of most. They make good basketball shoes for feet. Even I love Nike zoom air shoes, and yet I had to give the Explosive athletic the spotlight. Why’s that? Because Adidas Explosive Primeknit is one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. The first thing that blew me away was its traction. It helps you move like crazy on the wooden floors without ever letting you feel like losing your bearings. It is one of the best performance sneakers for wide width.

Perfect fit for wide feet
Offers excellent stability


Number 2. Nike Men’s Jordan Zer0.2 Basketball Shoes. Can you ever go wrong with Jordan? I don’t think so. Maybe this might not be the one that you would love to have. I mean, there are so many dope Nike Jordan’s to choose from, like the zoom air. And choosing doesn’t seem fair. But even so, the Why Not Zer0.2 stands out mainly because it is the perfect gear for the wide feet freaks. A reliable option other than Adidas men for excellent fit and support for wide basketball foot. The ankle support of the shoes for basketball players is also a must. But that’s not can be the only reason to buy this pair for excellent fit and support. So, it won’t be wrong to say that they have killed it in this area. However, in dusty conditions, you might find it hard to get your footing.

100% Synthetic
Synthetic sole
Basketball Shoes
Black/Flash Crimson/Amarillo


Number 3. Orthofeet Bunions sneaker. The Orthofeet is not a basketball shoe. And yet, it’s on my list of good basketball shoes for feet. The wide width offers added support for the under armour men. Why’s that? Even though it’s not sports foot-gear, it’s not far away from it either. The Orthofeet is both athletic footwear as well as a medical gear to treat plantar fascistic. Those of you who are unaware of the term should know that it is a foot’s medical condition. The material offers the best support to the wider foot. The performance shoes are true to size. To be specific, the heel of the foot. So, if you have issues with the heel, then you should take a look at it.

100% Synthetic
Synthetic sole
Basketball Shoes
Black/Flash Crimson/Amarillo

Number 4. Nike Men’s Zoom KD 11 Basketball Shoes. Nike got some big names under their brand. Jordan, Nike Lebron, and Kobe might be the most popular ones. But there is a hidden gem in Kevin Durant with his line of shoes. It is the best among the wide basketball shoe with air units, reliable material, and excellent support. Especially if you’re someone who is looking for the best shoes for feet, you should give the KD 11 ago. This has never been an issue with the KD lineup, the high quality ensures the best support. The previous shoes in the saga had always been known for their excellent grip. Never mind whether you’re playing on the wooden floor or the concrete ground, this basketball shoe will fulfill all your needs.

Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 6″
Weight: 2.6 Pounds
Department: Mens
Brand: Nike

Number 5. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XII. Lebron collaborated with Nike and came up with some of the good basketball shoes for wide feet. But the one that got me excited is the Nike Soldier XII. So, if you ever fancied stepping into Lebron’s shoe, this is your chance. Lebron is known for his movement on the court. His quick turns, sudden accelerations are to die for. However, that’s something you need to work on yourself, but at least, you can bite the track like the man himself with the LSXII. The maze traction pattern on the shoe sinks its teeth to the ground to make sure you’re always in control. On the other hand, the wide grooves don’t let dust stick. So, traction of the LSXII never gets compromised, unlike other shoes.

No chance of slipping
It is quite versatile
The shoe is lightweight
Perfect for the widest feet


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