Top 5 Best 5 String Bass Guitars of 2022

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List of Top 5 Best 5 String Bass Guitars

Product Name Price
1: Sterling by Music Man SUB Ray5 Check Price On Amazon
2: Ibanez 5 String Bass Guitar Check Price On Amazon
3: ESP LTD B-205SM Spalted Maple Bass Guitar Check Price On Amazon
4: Ibanez SR505BM Soundgear 5-String Bass Check Price On Amazon
5: Ibanez SR305E 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Check Price On Amazon

Number 1. Sterling by Music Man SUB Ray5. It feels like a Music Man instrument in every way, robust and quality built it packs a punch for the price. The punchy low end is still there although there is no midrange EQ, the bass performs quite nicely. It has quite a round tone when both EQ settings are set flat which I like. The lower B string can put on quite a display regardless of the lack of midrange EQ. It’s not a finesse instrument but it covers that with its playability and performance. The body is made from basswood while both the neck and the fretboard are from maple giving it that nice bright color. The fret dots are black which I think is a nice contrast with the white satin-finished maple neck.

Body Material: Basswood
Neck Material: Maple
Fretboard: Maple
H-1 ceramic humbucker

Number 2. Ibanez 5 String Bass Guitar. This Ibanez bass came as surprise to me considering it is a short-scale five-string bass that is quite light easy to carry. It is an entry-level bass but still, it provides a wide range of tone shaping, it has a nice warm sound with a good low-end response. For the price range of course there are going to be limitations on what you can do, but still, the dual single-coil pickups will give you a lot of possibilities in different musical styles. The body is a smaller size according to the shorter scale neck made out of poplar which is quite light and it gives the bass a warm tone with good presence. Great compact size makes it fit for carrying outside and using in space-restricted home studios. The sturdy and loud Ibanez GSRM25BK is a real hit for the money. This is simply a great value bass.

Body Material: Poplar
Neck Material: Maple
Fretboard: Jatoba
2x Standard J5 single-coil

Number 3. ESP LTD B-205SM Spalted Maple Bass Guitar. Let me tell you this LTD is a head-turner. I love the design and the look of this bass. Not only does the wood grain gives the bass a unique look, but the HS pickups make the bass sound unique also. I liked the balance between the body and neck and the tonal options you get with the humbucker pickups. The bass is lightly stained with the unique grain of its solid ash with spalted maple topped shining through. The satin-finished spalted maple top provides a unique feel to the bass. The rosewood fingerboard is smooth and easy to glide over, and the frets have an excellent mounting depth allowing for slapping action making the bass ideal for slapping techniques. With the looks and the sound, you get from this thing the Bottom Line is that is an instrument worth investing in.


Body Material: Ash with Maple top
Neck Material: 5-piece Maple/Jatoba
Fretboard: Rosewood
ESP Passive SB-5N humbucker

Number 4. Ibanez 5 String Bass Guitar. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase a good-quality 5-string bass guitar. If you’re the practical type who wants to start with something basic but in good shape, you have the Ibanez 5. This affordable option sports a simple and elegant design. Thanks to the wonderful Ibanez trademark craftsmanship, the Ibanez 5 looks and feels expensive. It has everything you need to play a beautiful bass tune – a comfortable neck, and easy medium-sized frets. I personally think that the Ibanez 5 is a great beginner’s bass simply because it’s a well-built, practical guitar that does not hurt your wallet.

Brand: Ibanez
Color: Walnut
Dimensions: 6 x 15 x 44 inches
Material: Rosewood, Maple, Walnut

Number 5. Ibanez SR305E 5-String Electric Bass Guitar. Looking for a no-frills Ibanez in a really cool design? I think you’ll love the SR305E guitar. Let’s talk about that Black Planet Matte design. It gives the guitar a cool and edgy look – perfect for the rich and deep tones of the guitar. But cosmetics aside, this 5-string bass guitar makes a great option because it has everything you basically need – and in great quality as well. You can never expect anything less than perfection with the Ibanez standards. Not only do they have to look and feel awesome for the player, but every guitar was made to produce the best bass sound. If you want to get your hands on a really good Ibanez bass, this is the best place to start.

Brand: Ibanez
Color: Pearl White
Dimensions: 52.5 x 19.25 x 4.5
Weight: 13.2 Pounds


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